Game Dev Heroes Shortlist 2019

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for Game Dev Heroes 2019! We were completely astounded to receive over 550 nominations this years - it's an amazing response, packed full of some truly heartfelt and inspiring nominations. We've compiled the category shortlists below, but again really want to emphasise how impressed we've been with the quality and quantity of your submissions!

Every one of the people below has impressed and inspired, and is already seen as an unsung hero or role model to others, and we hope you'll join us in congratulating their achievement.

There are so many amazing & appreciated people working in games development & we thank everyone involved for their contributions so far as we hand over to our judging panel.

Winners will be revealed on 9th July in Brighton. Keep an eye on our social channels or join our mailing list on the banner below for updates on the event.


Art + Animation

Kristrun Fridriksdottir
Technical Animator, Sports Interactive

Shayleen Hulbert
Character Artist, Freelance

Conrad Hughes
VFX Artist, nDreams

Amy Pearson
Lead/Senior Artist, Mediatonic

Xin Ran Liu
Art Director & Co-Founder, Kitfox Games

Nick Rodgers
Head of Animation, Frontier Developments

Li Sheng
Principal Animator, Rockstar North

Danny Sweeney
Senior Character Artist, Creative Assembly


Ian Ball
Design Director, Rocksteady

Jai Bunnag
Project Lead, Finifugu & Friends

Alejandro Arque Gallardo
Game Designer, Square Enix Europe

Joanna Haslam
Senior Designer, Snap Finger Click

Mihai Irimescu
Level Design Director, Fun Labs

Shelley Preston
Senior Designer, Rare

Melissa Prosser
Technical Designer, Flix Interactive

Jonathon Wilson
Level Designer, Hangar 13

Writing + Narrative Design

Ed Fear
Senior Writer/Designer, Mediatonic

Chris Gardiner
Narrative Director, Failbetter Games

Rebecca Haigh
Writer, Freelance

Jon Ingold
Narrative Director / Co-Founder, Inkle

Xalavier Nelson Jr
Writer / Narrative Designer, Freelance

Ed Sibley
Lead Narrative Designer, Fusebox Games

Peter Stewart
Writer, Creative Assembly

Olivia Wood
Narrative Editor, Writer & Content Editor, Failbetter Games

Reece Banbury
Programmer, Bossa Studios

Alex Darby
Lead Developer, darbotron

Dave Ducker
Senior Web Programmer, Lockwood Publishing

Lauren Filby
Lead Developer, National Insecurities

Louise Malinowski
Senior Technical Animator, EA Ghost Games

Hugo Millet
Senior Game Programmer, Sony London Studio

Neil Millstone
Lead Developer, Maze Theory

Charlie Scott-Skinner
Programmer, Infinite State Games


Jim Croft
Head of Audio, Frontier Developments

David Garcia Diaz
Audio Lead, Ninja Theory

Graham Gatheral
Senior Sound Designer, Rebellion

Niamh Houston (Chipzel)
Game music composer, Freelance


Edward Lau
Audio Programmer, Codemasters

Meg Rice
Production Manager & Voice Director, OMUK

Graham Schroeter
SFX Designer, Freelance

Bogdan Vera
Audio Programmer, Media Molecule


Dan Bergin-Holly
Producer, Fortitude Games

Lottie Bevan
Producer & Co-Founder, Weather Factory

Rachael Gregg-Smythe
Producer, Playstation Manchester Studio

Wajhi Jafri
Senior Producer, Remedy Entertainment

Elizaveta Kostyukhina
Product Manager, Supersolid

Chris Murphy
Producer, Square Enix Collective

Caoimhe Roddy
Producer, Freelance

Richard Wood
Producer, Firesprite


Abby Flores
QA Technician, UsTwo Games

Holly Gordon
Senior QA Tester, Rocksteady Studios

Jack Joyce
Senior QA Lead, Sports Interactive

Niamh Thompson
Senior Functional Tester, Sony Liverpool Studio

Daniel Schofield
QA Analyst, Team 17

John Strine
QA , Improbable

Katie Weeks
Embedded Tester, Rare

Lee Wood
Senior Tester, Cloud Imperium Games

Marketing & Community

Tom Dent
Community Manager, Media Molecule

Hannah Flynn
Communications Director, Failbetter Games

Ben Maltz-Jones
Social Media & Marketing Executive, Rebellion

Sally Morgan-Moore
Product Manager, Frontier Developments

Claire Sharkey
Head of Marketing & PR, Weather Factory

Gina Peach
People & Culture Manager, Studio Gobo

Bee Wakefield
Marketer, Freelance

Jo Worrall
EMEA and ANZ Brand Manager, Bethesda Softworks


Adam Chapman
Director, Liquid Violet

Aj Grand-Scrutton
CEO, Dlala Studios

Adam Myers
CEO, Failbetter Games

Patrick O’Luanaigh
CEO, nDreams

Marilena Papacosta
Head of Communications, Frontier Developments

Neil Ralley
CEO, 505 Games

Tim Woodley
Head of Publishing, Hello Games

Lily Zhu
Art Lead, Splash Damage

Max Downton
Content Marketing Manager, Splash Damage

Kate Edwards
CEO, Geogrify

Kirsty Fraser
Programmer, VooFoo Studios
Co-organiser, Rainbow Game Jam

Loukia Kyriakidou
Games Artist, Freelance
Co-Founder, Women Making Games NE

Robin Milton
Games Lead & Course Manager, Access Creative College

Vikki Neale
HR Manager, nDreams

Chella Ramanan
Games Writer, 3-Fold Games
Co-Founder, POC in Play

Anisa Sanusi
UI Designer, Hutch Games
Founder, Limit Break Mentorship

Annie Clare
Studio Coordinator, Sony London Studio

Amy Cross
Studio Coordinator, Sumo Digital

George Corner
Event Manager, Resonate Total Gaming

Adam Da Rocha
Operations Manager, Tenhut Games

Georgina Felce
Studio Operations Manager, Big Pixel Studios

Silvana Greenfield
Operations Director, 505 Games

Tina Lauro Pollock
Director, Brain and Nerd

Michelle Rendall
Director of Business Operations, Polystream

Tom Rothamel
Lead Developer, Ren'Py

Bruce Slater
Founder, Radical Forge

Congratulations again to all those who have been shortlisted, and thank you to everyone for your nominations.

Winners for Game Dev Heroes 2019 will be announced on 9th July 2019 at our awards event in Brighton.