The winners of Game Dev Heroes 2019

It’s only been a year but it feels like we’ve come a very long way from that tiny awards event taking place in a small room above a pub. Last night we saw hundreds of people coming together to recognise and celebrate the work of their peers and colleagues across the games industry.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make it such a success this year, from the huge support we’ve received from our event partners, the tireless work from our team of judges, and of course the many hundreds of you that sent in nominations for your game dev heroes.

We were massively impressed with both the strength and number of nominations this year, and creating the final shortlists was no easy task. There are so many talented and valued people working behind the scenes in games, and it’s been a genuine pleasure to hold something like Game Dev Heroes, where we can bring more attention to the people behind the games we all love.

Everyone who was nominated is a winner here, but paradoxically we also have to narrow that down to our 11 category winners. The shortlists this year were packed with amazing people, genuinely causing a lot of tough decisions for our judges. Go and read through those shortlists. These are some of the greatest people working in games right now.

And so… the winners of Game Dev Heroes 2019 are:

Art + Animation Hero 2019

Amy Pearson

Lead/Senior Artist, Mediatonic

Game Design Hero 2019

Shelley Preston

Senior Designer, Rare

Sound Hero 2019

David Garcia Diaz

Audio Lead, Ninja Theory

Programming Hero 2019

Alex Darby

QA Hero 2019

Abby Flores

QA Technician, UsTwo Games

Production Hero 2019

Caoimhe Roddy

Writing + Narrative Design Hero 2019

Jon Ingold

Narrative Director / Co-Founder, Inkle

Marketing + Community Hero 2019

Hannah Flynn

Communications Director, Failbetter Games

Unsung Hero 2019

Annie Clare

Studio Coordinator, PlayStation London Studio

Leadership Hero 2019

Lily Zhu

Art Lead, Splash Damage

Progression Advocate 2019

Chella Ramanan

Outstanding Contribution

Tara Saunders

Director of Studio Operations, PlayStation London Studio

Thank you and congratulations to everyone, from all of us at Game Dev Heroes. We’ll be looking at our winners in more depth soon, showing you just why they mean so much to people, and why they have truly deserved their awards.

Dan Dudley

Awards coordinator, doing many things behind the scenes.